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About Us

"Miss Diaspora Models International Pageant is a forum to celebrate all talented and beautiful women that have foreign ethnic descent and reside in America. Our competitions are emphasizing our contestants' beauty, style, high fashion, cultural appreciation and intellect. Miss Diaspora Models, is designed to feature an undeserved niche with an appealing and refreshing concept." Anna M - Former CEO

Our organization was founded, by a former model who emigrated in United States. Wanting to pursue her dream in modeling, but not being able to do so because of an accident, Gabriela, decided to form an organization where she could help, promote, and educate other young foreign females in pursuing their dreams.
Miss Diaspora Models International Beauty Competition is by far the best avenue in pursuing your modeling dream. Our competition, will encourage, motivate and promote all foreign models that live in America in pursuing their career goals. All females who participate in our Competitions, are Models and are between the ages of 18 and 35 years old. This competition, is created by a woman, for women who believe they can make a difference in the world.

Diaspora Models Walk of Fame and Inspirational Stories

We are the only beauty competition that is looking beyond beauty; We want our candidates to have both beauty and brains. Some of our candidates are at the beginning of their career and some have a lot of modeling experience. In our competitions, we had international models and talents like: the winner of Miss Diaspora Models International Pageant 2009-2010, international super sensation Vildane Zeneli, who is now signed with Ford and is the Spoke-person for Beats by Dr Dre. She also appeared in Sports Illustrated, in a 2012 Superbowl Commercial,in a music video along side with Pitbull and Timberland etc.

Other former winners include: winner of Miss Diaspora Models 2010-2011, Chastelyn Rodriguez- now an entrepreneur, former Miss Diaspora Models 2006 winner, Angelina Shipilina, who had and continues to have a flourishing modeling career: from fashion couture shows to pageants, commercials and print ads etc

We are also very proud of former Diaspora Models candidate, Cara Castronouva, Two Time Golden Gloves Champion and Season 11 Biggest Loser Trainer.

Since they took part at Miss Diaspora Models beauty competitions, the portfolio of some of our candidates grew tremendously. Another example of determination and ambition, is former Diaspora Model and 2nd Runner-up, Johanna Sambucini, who won several titles since she participated back in 2006 and currently holds the title of Miss New York US 2012.

"Being part of our competitions, models will be able to get hands-on experience and will be able to see that hard work and good ethics always pays. In any field one might go, one needs much more than a pretty face to be successful. Our competitions, can purposely be challenging, because we want to see how models will react when they have to face changes.

Miss Diaspora Models International, is an unconventional, adventurous, and fun competition.

Miss Diaspora Models International Competition, is not a one week,one month pageant. It is more than that. We usually meet with the models in the week-end. Every year the curriculum is different. Some of the activities we have with the girls are: photoshoot(s), dinners, promotional events, and one or two rehearsals sessions per week, for about two months, before the actual show. The rehearsals consist of teaching the girls to walk, pose and move. We also look carefully at the girls' ability to dance, handle stress, follow instructions, and interact among themselves and with others. Even though models are competitors, and are vying to win the Title of Miss Diaspora Models, we want them to be able to be friends, by the end of the competition.

All of our candidates are beautiful, talented and have the qualities of a supermodel. " Gabriela

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