Miss Diaspora Models

Rules and Regulations

Contestants must meet ALL of the requirements for eligibility set out below. The Competition reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject any Contestant application or immediately dismiss any Contestant for any reason or basis, including but not limited to failure to meet any eligibility requirements described herein before, during, or after the Competition.

In consideration of the publicity, exposure, and opportunity to participate in the Competition, Contestant hereby agrees to the following:
To be eligible as a Contestant:
Application Submissions.
In order to be considered as a Contestant for Miss Diaspora Models International Competition, Contestant must send a complete online application. All applications must be received by August 20th, the year of the Competition or the date that was mentioned by the state director. For consideration, all applications must have a current valid and functioning email address, cell phone number and mailing address.
Rules and Regulations:
Age Range: All candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 35 years of age, as of the date of the competition.
Foreign Descent: All candidates must have at least 1/4 foreign ethnical descent.

Immigration Status: All Contestants warrant that they are a citizen of the United States, a lawful resident of the United States, or have a valid and current Visa and available extensions thereto permitting her to reside in the United States for the duration of her duties as a Contestant and for at least one year following the Miss Diaspora Models Pageant. The Pageant bears no responsibility whatsoever for arranging, providing, or otherwise securing any Contestant suitable immigration status to participate or continue participation in the Pageant.

Marital Status: All candidates must be single; never have been married before.

Model by Trade: All Contestants must be a model. Contestants can be amateurs or professionals. All Contestants must have a photograph portfolio. We reserve the right to review the Contestant portfolio following the initial application stage and in its sole discretion shall determine whether such portfolio is of sufficient quality to deem Contestant a model.

No Felony Convictions: All Contestants must never have been convicted of a felony crime and be of good health and moral character.

Official Language: All Contestants hereby acknowledge that English is the official language of the Miss Diaspora Models International Pageant. If any Contestant does not speak or understand English she must provide her own interpreter during the competition events at her sole expense. Our organization, is not in any way responsible for providing any Contestant an interpreter.

Rehearsals and Photo Shoots: All Contestants are required to attend Pageant rehearsals at least once or twice a week and participate in at least one promotional photograph shoot, or event, if any. The Pageant reserves the right to dismiss any Contestant if such Contestant has failed to attend two or more rehearsals, or fails to attend one or more promotional photograph shoots or events.

Changes to Program: The Pageant reserves the right to change the date, location, number or composition of the events at any time upon reasonable notice to the Contestants. The Pageant reserves the right to dismiss, reject, modify, or cancel any item, act, or wardrobe choice solely on own discretion and based on community norms. Notices and Communication.

All notices which Pageant officials may desire to give to the Contestants hereunder will be conducted by electronic mail or cellular telephone. Contestants must provide the Pageant with an electronic mail address and a cellular telephone number. Contestant is responsible for making sure that both are in working order.

Travel Expenses Not Reimbursed: Contestants will provide their own transportation to and from their home to the Pageant location for all rehearsals and events before and during the pageant. The Pageant is not responsible for arranging international or domestic travel.Under no circumstances will the Pageant reimburse Contestants for travel expenses.

Contestants Provide Wardrobe and Makeup. All Contestants are required to provide their own clothing, footwear, accessories and makeup during the pageant and during any rehearsals, photo shoots, press conferences, interviews, and/or other related activities before, during, or after the Pageant. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Pageant reserves the right to provide Contestants with clothing, footwear, accessories or makeup, which Contestants shall agree to wear.

*By applying to Miss Diaspora Models, you agree that you read and understood all the rules and regulations mentioned here. You certify to the validity and accuracy of the information you have provided in this application form. Therefore, you hereby understand and agree that any false information provided by you in the application form (also known as Entry Form) is a ground for your disqualification before and during the contest or dethronement after the contest.

*At any time, the Pageant reserves the right to make changes to these Rules and Regulations.

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